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Financial Blessings, Your Spiritual Heritage in Christ Jesus

Wed, Mar 27, 2024

I am excited to put to pen this timely message which I preached on at the beginning of this week.  Why the excitement?  For a significant period of time, I have desired to teach on this subject, but I did not know when the opportunity would avail itself.  I trust that this is the appointed […]

Love That Surpasses Knowledge

Sat, Apr 8, 2023

Easter is a time to celebrate our victory in Christ Jesus which was achieved through Christ’s death and resurrection.  The Easter story is a love story, vividly demonstrating God’s love for mankind.  He unreservedly gave His best, for our redemption.   We were not deserving, and He did not have to redeem us, but He […]

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Have you wondered whether there is more to Christianity than what you have been experiencing? Have you felt unfulfilled in your Christian life and your zeal for God is fading away? Do you feel eager to know your calling?

About the Author


Faith Nyokabi Mathenge is a preacher of the Gospel, a trainer, mentor and writer.Faith has been in active Christian ministry for twenty years, and these have been memorable years of growing in relationship with God and witnessing His Majestic, Mighty-working power. She is a gifted teacher of God’s Word, loves to disciple new believers and participate in missions. In the course of her ministry work, she has developed several training materials suitable for equipping believers in the Local Church. One of Faith’s favorite dictums is, “Imitate me as I imitate Christ.” She has availed herself to mentor many, and she confesses that mentorship always leaves the mentor better than when they began. She has consistently written a blog,, for the last five years which has reached thousands globally. Her goal in writing is to see the Body of Christ thoroughly equipped for works of service.Faith is a finance expert, with specialty in tax and customs. She graduated from Kenyatta University and Daystar University, for her Bachelors and Masters studies respectively. She is currently an Ambassador-of-Christ at Kenya’s Government agency mandated to collect taxes, where she works as a Customs trainer, researcher and team leader.Faith is a last-born child of Joseph and Mary Mathenge and has four siblings. Faith grew up in the capital city of Kenya, Nairobi and now lives in the coastal city of Mombasa. She considers herself very blessed to have a supportive family that has faithfully cheered her on, in her life’s journey.


Synopsis of the Book Taking Possession With Jesus Christ

Have you wondered whether there is more to Christianity than what you have been experiencing? Have you felt unfulfilled in your Christian life and your zeal for God is fading away? Do you feel eager to know your calling? Taking over Territories with Jesus is about you fulfilling your God-given purpose of being fruitful, taking dominion and ruling. It is about you exercising authority on earth and forcefully advancing the Kingdom of God. It is about fulfilling the Great Commission. That is why this book is important for every believer, whether newly born-again or mature in Christ. Equipped with a reflection section for bible study, this book will give you practical insights on:

  • how to respond to God’s call upon your life and to partner with Him for His purposes and glory;
  • how to live a life of obedience and faith in wicked and tumultuous times;
  • how to engage in spiritual warfare and live a victorious Christian life; and
  • how to foster unity of spirit and mind in the Body of Christ, and effectively disciple and mentor others.

Testimonies about the book

Reading “Taking Possession with Jesus” book has helped me in breaking all the idols in my life.  It was definitely inspired by the Word of God.

The self reflection questions at the end of each chapter are a very dynamic and life transformational tools that helps the reader have a time to internalize the message in a way that calls for action. I found that part to be excellent indeed. The use of personal life testimonies in the book are indeed great since they enable the reader to be a witness that what is written in the book is actually practical unlike where what is written has no tangible results in real life. I found that to be a good thing.

Anthony Ng’ang’a Kirimi

Hi Faith, Praise Jesus. I am blessed & favoured of God, and thank him for every opportunity he has presented in my life more so the gift of your friendship. I have now finished reading the book. I am blessed and challenged by reading it. Great read and very deep. The introduction is well laid out, introducing the relationship between God & Man through the children of Israel & laying out the heart of God for mankind.Indeed it starts from the beginning. I love the way you have intergrated the old testament with the new testament throughout the book. It begins with God revealing himself to man and ends with God’s assignment for man. The book is more so for mission work. It encourages one to reach out and break the limits & be used by God in the mission field.

Leah Mwangi

The book is a treasurer, it has deep revelation shared in simple way for the reader to understand and take action. The message in the book is alive. As I read the book the power of God is so evident speaking strongly and inspiring the reader into action. My conclusion is, the book is inspired by God to serve his purpose. The illustrations and examples used in the book are appropriately applied and clarifies the message. However, the illustration from the writer’s encounter spoke loudest. I suppose it is due to the fact that its first hand testimony of witnessing the grace of God at work in one’s life. The tone and urgency the writer displays throughout the book is strongly convincing and persuading the heart and mind of the reader to keep reading.

By Elder Eric Mathuva

In our current “I” world in which the immediate desires of the individual are deemed paramount, we rarely reflect on our faith as a journey. No wonder many do not find meaning and fulfillment in our christian lives. This book is a great tool to help us gain focused view in this real and practical world without losing sight of the Kingdom to come. We can have dominion here as we look forward to reign with Christ in the eternal Kingdom. Experience meaningful Christianity by building your faith through this great read.

By Rev. Ronald Makokha